Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sleazy Sleepwear Horse Hoods

Sleazy Horse Hoods
Sleazy Hoods for Horses
I have been using these horse hoods for years.  These are by far the best hoods on the market for the way they fit the Quarter Horse breed.  I like the Sleazy Sleepwear Horse Hoods because they are available with a full zipper and are light weight and fit well around the horses eyes, ears and muzzle.  Contour to the throat latch as well. Wash like new every time. 

A great starter hood for foals to introduce them to a horse hood.  Easy on and off.

Sleazy Hoods on sale

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Robinhoods for Horses

Robinhoods Horse Hoods
Robinhoods For Horses
ROBINHOODS are designed with a half zipper and durable belly buckle.  Thicker material than the Sleazy Sleepwear hoods. 

If you have a horse that needs a warmer hood or a hood made of tougher material because your horse is hard on their hoods then I suggest you get the NFL Horse Hood made of 10oz Lycra.

Available in several colors and prints.  If you are looking for a hood for to help protect your horse from the sun and flies then you will defiantly want the ROBINHOODS Kool Stretch Mesh hood.  ROBINHOODS are made for the small to XL horse in tan, white, navy, black and hunter.